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Badminton Shuttler

Hundred Flutter 7 ATTK

Hundred Flutter 7 ATTK

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Dominate the game with the Hundred Flutter 7 ATTK, crafted for professional attacking players. Utilizing Hundred's 'Wingtron' grommet technology, this 84-gram racket enhances your smash performance with its head-heavy balance and 300 mm balance point. Made from carbon fiber with a flexible 6.5mm shaft and seamless built-in T-Joint, it ensures smooth, powerful strikes. Featuring a G6 grip size and max tension of 32 lbs, the Flutter 7 ATTK is your ultimate weapon on the court.

  • Player Type : Attacking
  • Player Level : Professional
  • Weight : 84 grams
  • Balance : Head Heavy
  • Balance Point : 300 mm
  • Shaft Flexibility : Flexible
  • Racket Grip Size : G6
  • Maximum Tension : 32 LBS
  • Material : Carbon Fibre
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